Want to Restore Your Shoreline but Don’t Know Where to Start?

This year we are happy to announce that we have received a grant from HCDC (Haliburton County Development Corporation) to help develop Shoreline Restoration Capability in Haliburton County with a focus on protecting the water in our lakes and the natural environment in our region. The Redstone Lake Cottagers Association is partnering with the Kennisis Lake Cottager Owners Association (KLCOA) and the Lipsy Lake Cottage Owners’ Association (LLCOA) as participant organizations for shoreline restoration projects. The focus of this initiative is on developing a local, sustainable shoreline restoration capability in Haliburton County at Abbey Gardens.

Between 10 and 15 properties will be eligible to participate in this program. If you choose to participate in a shoreline restoration for your property, the following will be provided:

  • Shoreline restoration site visit and planning including plant selection and planting locations
  • Approximately 50 native trees and shrubs. Additional plants can be purchased if desired.
  • Planting support during the shoreline restoration work.
  • Advice on care and watering for your plants to ensure a high survival rate. You will receive a site assessment and planting plan, acquisition of planting materials, site planting and site planting report.

Cost for the shoreline restoration program will be approximately $400 per site. There will be a requirement for the participants to take part in the planning activities as well as the planting activities. If you are interested in this option, please contact president@redstonelake.com. Only the first 5 sites in the RLCA lakes that apply for the program and are eligible to participate will be selected.

Criteria for eligible site selection will include:

  1. Your Shoreline is needy! – Shoreline could benefit from renaturalization – Shoreline is damaged, natural vegetation removed, too much grass, Goose reduction by renaturalization
  2. Commitment to Naturalization – Shoreline naturalization will be maintained by owner
  3. Promote as RLCA demo site – Owners would engage and welcome follow-up
  4. Shared Effort and Cost – Owner contribution ~$400 and some sweat equity – Planning, planting, site preparation, care.

Abbey Gardens is committed to supporting community effort to improve shorelines on local lakes through education about shoreline naturalization and the provision of appropriate plants. To participate in the Shoreline Restoration Program If you are interested in a site plan and planting, please do not order your plants. Contact president@redstonelake.com and your plants will be ordered, delivered and planted based on a plan agreed to by you.

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