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It’s time to start thinking about planting

Planting natives, that is. Along your shoreline, most importantly. And Watersheds Canada is here to help. First of all, a bit of background reading to while away the final (we hope!) stormy days of winter: a guide to the science behind naturalized buffers, appropriately titled The Science Behind Vegetated Shoreland Buffers. And for some political background to the jurisdictional issues, you can check out The Future of Our Shores.

From a more practical perspective, check their  Guide to Preparing a Shoreline Naturalization Planting Plan, a step-by-step guide to help you in assessing, planning, buying plants for and maintaining a vegetated buffer.

And finally, if this all seems too daunting, check out their program called The Natural Edge. The program assists you with a plant database for selecting plants, and connect you to a local partner for a site visit (in Haliburton it’s The Land Between) and help with planning and even planting.

There is a wealth of other information available on the Watersheds Canada website, covering such topics as mitigating climate change, learning about your shore’s onland and underwater zones, and protecting wetlands. And a wonderful video to help the photographers among you capture fabulous wildlife images.  Check them out!

Haliburton Master Gardeners

Another source of possible assistance is the organization Haliburton Master Gardeners. They “specialize in all things green and growing in Zone 4”, with articles, consultations, and local sources for plant materials.

Friends of Ecological and Environmental Learning (FEEL)

When and where: For sale online, for pickup at Abbey Gardens on May 20, 10am-2pm.

What’s on offer:  individual plants (trees, shrubs, and wildflower perennials), or themed bundles: Climate Change Tree, Pollinator, Upland, Shoreline Plant, Shoreline Shrub and Forest Garden.

Abbey Gardens

Last year some of our members participated in a pilot program with the Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners Association and Abbey Gardens on naturalizing their shorelines.  If you missed out, Abbey Gardens is continuing the program this year.  See the attached for more information.

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