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Shoreline Preservation Draft By-law and Process 2021

Our lakes, rivers, and associated natural environmental features support Haliburton’s way of life and our stewardship is central to the creation of a Shoreline Preservation By-law. Building on current legislation, policies, and by-laws, the proposed by-law includes but is not limited to:

  • adding new protection for natural shoreline vegetation located within 30 m of the high water mark;
  • creating a permit process for some forms of site alteration within 30 m of the high water mark;
  • allowing limited development of up to 25% in shoreline areas; and
  • continuing to protect trees within 30 m of the high water mark.

Healthy, natural shorelines on lakes and rivers protect aquatic communities, fish habitat, source water, and mitigate flooding.

The proposed by-law includes all of the same protections for trees as the existing Shoreline Tree Preservation By-Law. The goal is to minimize tree removal to protect our water resources, retain soil and stabilize slopes.

The County of Haliburton would appreciate public participation in the development of the by-law and associated processes. The Public Consultation portion of the Wade In website is currently under construction. Participation options will be available through this platform.

RLCA is a member of CEWF – Coalition for Equitable Water Flow