Private Hazard Buoy Initiative


We have launched our “Private Buoy initiative”.

“Although every effort is being made to mark a lake or waterway hazards, RLCA is not responsible to ensure all hazards are marked or continue to be marked.   Every individual operator of a watercraft is solely responsible for safe boating including the avoidance of any water hazards.”

If there is a submerged rock or water hazard that could pose a danger to boaters and you are interested in managing a Buoy, let us know.  Basic responsibilities are to put it out in the Spring and take it out in the Fall.  We’ll provide the anchor, chain and buoy.  We just need local stewardship to make sure the buoy does not go missing, get damaged or move off its mark.

Here are our current Buoy Stewards: 

  1. Gordon Neuser (Klondike)
  2. Ted Rule (Big Island)
  3. Bob Lehman
  4. Rob Chausse

Current Buoy locations (we’ll put up a map shortly).

  • We have 3 Buoys off the Klondike Boat Launch marking submerged rocks (Watch your wake when leaving and returning)
  • We have 2 Buoys off the Big Island marking submerged rocks
  • We have a Buoy between the narrows of Little Redstone and Redstone – Marking the sandbar
  • more to come

31 July 2018

Municipal authority over boathouses


FOCA is pleased that the MNRF are finally making the legislative changes to eliminate the overregulation of docks in Ontario. Read more about this legislation

Schedule 14 of Provincial Bill 27, “Burden Reduction Act, 2016”  includes provisions to amend 4 statutes administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). If passed, the proposed changes include revisions to the Public Lands Act (PLA) 4 January 2017