The Greenest, The Meanest and The Wiliest

I am Blue Green Algae. I am the meanest and most of all wiliest algae in your lake

Test your knowledge by ticking off all you already know.

I can do things no other algae can do such as:

When the conditions are right, I can bloom – magnificent and sometimes massive blooms!
The toxins I produce in a bloom can detach from the bloom and can travel through the water
My blooms and my toxins can be in one place at breakfast and be a kilometer away by supper
My toxins are invisible to the naked eye
I am almost the only algae that can move up and down in the water to different depths
When the oxygen level in your lake gets too low and phosphorus is released from the sediment at the bottom of the lake, I can move down to feed on that Phosphorous
I use that Phosphorous to create my blooms
My blooms can keep people and pets away from the lakes
I can make people sick and even kill pets
I poison fish and get right into their muscles
If you boil the water with my toxins in it, I go airborne
No domestic water treatment will eliminate my toxins

How did you score?

  • 1-6 Points – Congratulations you made the effort! (Hint: Now that you know all answers take the test again and then tell your friends the new score)
  • 7-9 points – You have been paying attention!
  • 10- 12 points – Wow you are a Science Rock Star!

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