A movement that began in Britain has made its way across the Atlantic in the past few years. It’s called No Mow May, and if you haven’t heard of it yet (the CBC did a story about it in May 2020), the gist is this: bees, coming out of hibernation in the spring, are in need of food to get themselves revved up, and at that time of year the pickings are slim. UNLESS… the wildflowers of May (we won’t call them weeds) are allowed to flourish: dandelions, violets, and wild strawberries among others.

Homeowners with lawns are asked to refrain from mowing for the month of May, giving bees (and other critters) food to tide them over until the full bounties of spring blossoms arrive. To participate, all you have to do is … nothing. Just sit back and enjoy the bright yellows and purples, and give that mower an extra month’s sleep-in. (In fact, with no one mowing, we’ll all be able to sleep-in.)

And as a bonus for your laziness, you’ll have a lawn full of tasty nutrition: dandelions are edible from the bottom of the root to the tip of the flowers. (Just be sure they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.) Here are 16 ways that you can enjoy them at the dinner table.

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