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Haliburton County: take daily for a better life

There’s no better prescription right now than a permanent dose of Haliburton County. A life in our rural Highlands is a healthy, fulfilling antidote to the frustrations and annoyances of life in the city.

Up here in cottage country we genuinely appreciate the role that Physicians play in the health and wellbeing of our communities. Not just as dedicated carers and healers, but as leaders when we need them most.

The good news is that our County currently has multiple full-time Physician, Nurse Practitioner and Nurse positions available…and we know these coveted roles will be in high demand from medical professionals looking for that perfect work/life balance.

For Physicians looking to choose how and when they want to work (and play), we also have flexible opportunities to work part-time as a summer locum or just a few shifts in our ER.

What’s more, our Physician Recruitment Program offers a Return of Service incentive of up to a maximum of $150,000 over 6 years for Physicians moving to our area to practice Family and/or Emergency Medicine.

And we have a truly wonderful team of allied professionals who are ready to welcome you.

Ready to move to cottage country? Then please email our Physician Recruitment Co-ordinator, Wendy Welch, at or call her on 705 935 0314 to start planning your new life in the Haliburton Highlands.

Haliburton County: side effects may include job satisfaction and a healthier lifestyle.

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