Private Buoy Program

The RLCA has funded a Private Buoy Program for the Redstone Lake Chain of Lakes. This is a volunteer effort that allows us to mark hazards, install information(speed) buoys and install channel marker buoys in our lakes.

The hazard buoys are yellow and indicate a hazard in the lake, please stay clear of these buoys when boating to avoid any kind of accident. Also, please be aware that not every hazard is marked so please drive carefully, especially when near to shore.

We have purchased new information and channel marker buoys that meet all the requirements of a private buoy program in Ontario and these are in the process of being installed in our lakes. The first buoys have already been deployed in the channel between Big and Little Redstone Lakes. Please obey the speed indicators on the white information buoys and look for the channel markers to help guide you through the narrow and shallow channel between Big and Little Redstone.

Later in June we expect to receive the remainder of the buoys which will be deployed in the Pelaw Lakes Rivers and at the boat ramps.
Although we cannot place markers along all of our shorelines, please be aware that you should reduce speed to less than 10km/hr when within 30 meters of any shoreline. This helps the safety of your boat, protects any potential swimmers and protects our shorelines from erosion.

Since this is a private program, all of the buoys are simply reminders and we are counting on all of our boaters to help us keep our lakes safe and shoreline erosion minimized, by following the advice of the buoys.

Edward Payne
Buoy Program Coordinator

Did You Know?

Boaters are still required to exercise caution in respect to water depth and unforeseen hazards.