Sirch Community Services

There is a charitable organization in Haliburton County that you may not have heard of, but that impacts hundreds of residents every day. SIRCH Community Services is an innovative and fluid organization that focuses on reducing poverty, creating resilience and encouraging connection.

Starting in 1989, SIRCH incubated and divested several services that county residents now take for
granted, (such as adult mental health services and community hospice). Then it turned its attention to how it could level the playing field for residents who were struggling with food security, unemployment, isolation, and other factors that influence general health and wellbeing.

Today, SIRCH provides free nutritious meals (47,000 portions just since the pandemic) through its
Community Kitchen program. It offers training, also free, in basic carpentry, food service and other skills that are needed by employers in Haliburton County. It provides low cost furniture, clothing, electronics and more through the Thrift Warehouses in Haliburton and Bancroft, and also donates household items to families who have been homeless, burned out or have fled an abusive relationship and are starting over.

This summer, SIRCH created resilience in over 80 children who were entering or were in junior
kindergarten. School’s Cool, a program created by SIRCH, increases critical developmental skills that aid in the chances of those children being successful in school.

SIRCH encourages moms who are feeling the pressure of raising young children to join their peer
support and parenting groups. Seniors feel less isolated through SIRCH programs like Memories to Life and The Community Table. The Bistro and Bakery offer affordable food and a welcoming place to connect, with any profits going back into SIRCH programs.

You can help SIRCH and help your community!

  • Volunteer for one of our programs.
  • Renovating or updating your space? Donate the things you no longer need (in good condition) to the Thrift Warehouse.
  • Visit the Bistro & Bakery and dine in or take home some delicious meals and treats.
  • Sponsor a program (we would love to hear your ideas!)
  • Contribute generously to SIRCH’s Gifts from the Heart campaign this fall or visit our website to donate monthly.

Two Cell Towers

While we have not done any formal surveys, anecdotally many of our members are concerned with the cellular and internet connectivity around our lakes.   This is more than about convenience – there are safety concerns because of the lack of cellular connectivity in some areas, including the inability to reach 911 when required.

RLCA has been in touch with Forbes Brothers, who are managing consultants for Rogers, and have shared our concerns with coverage.  Two new towers are being proposed closer to Kennisis Lake, one of which appears to create some moderate improvement around Little Redstone. Forbes Bros. have shared propagation maps that outline the before and after coverage for the two tower sites.  See below for explanation and link to maps.

There will be ONLINE public consultation meetings conducted by Forbes Bros Ltd on behalf of Rogers on November 23 and 24, 2022.  See the links below, provided by our colleagues at KLCOA for pre-registration info.

We will continue to share information on this process as it becomes available and encourage property owners to provide their input directly to the consultation mechanisms as they are identified. 

For more details, maps and pre-registration info see:

Tower Proposal – Wilkinson Road
Tower Proposal – North Shore

For coverage maps see below:

The colour coded maps show the measurements of Reference Signal Received Power (“RSRP”), a measure of signal strength in decibels (“dBm) from strongest -78dBm) to weakest/no signal (-200dbm). 

On these maps the strongest RSRP is dark purple, weakest is red and no signal is white.

The water overlay on the maps hid the colour coding for signal strength but please be assured the signal continues over this surface.

Please note these coverage maps have the proposed tower at C4385 at 90m which has been reduced to 85m.  This reduced height will not significantly affect coverage.  Revised coverage maps will also be presented at the virtual public meeting.

Coverage Maps